When RE/DONE began to plan for the launch of its Men’s line, we immediately thought of longtime friend of the brand and all around cool guy, Cam Avery. With Cam, we share a fundamental principle that guides both of our creative expression; whether it be through song, spoken word, or image, you must tell a story. Cam served as both the model in this shoot and the creative director. The images you see are his vision.
This shoot took place at a house in the Hollywood Hills and is a progression through the day, from bed to breakfast and beyond.

About Cam:
Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Cameron Avery has spent the past five years extensively touring with hometown psychedelic torch carriers POND and Tame Impala.
In between touring commitments, Avery has focused his attention on the ever-evolving Los Angeles art community. Having been introduced to visual art at a young age through his brother, Cameron has begun to collaborate on some works with notable members of the growing artistic movement in the wider Californian area.
Inspired by the long standing history of the LA recording industry as well as the ambitious nature of his new found cohorts, Avery is set to release a full length solo album in the spring of next year, whilst also collaborating with members of the Los Angeles film and fashion communities in a number of projects.