Blue Valentine


Djuna Bel, stylist. Nikolai Haas, artist. These two creative powerhouses incite the need for #relationshipgoals whenever one is lucky enough to be in their presence. On their own, each is one of those rare people you occasionally come across in Los Angeles that is both nice, but more importantly, genuine. While their busy works schedules keep them apart many days out of the month, witnessing their interactions and chemistry on set was…electric. It wasn’t that they were obnoxiously all over each other, but rather that they each shared a common awareness for the other at all times. This connection was as palpable on set as it is in the images. It seems as though their rhythms are perfectly aligned. They are in tune with the others needs and emotions, even without a word being spoken. Is this a by-product of years together? Or rather is it that cliché term that seems to pop-up indiscriminately around this time of year: soul mates?

These images were captured in Nikolai’s expansive art studio in West Adams. Every surface of the studio was covered in incredible works of art at varying stages of completion. We challenge anyone to walk into that space and not feel inspired. It even has a world-class recording studio off to the side that houses an incredible rare collection of vintage recording equipment.These images were captured in the early evening one Sunday night in December by photographer, Alessio Boni, a dear friend of both Nikolai, Djuna, and the whole RE/DONE team.