Alix Angjeli
Alix is the New York bred girl we all envy. She is as beautiful and she is cool. We sat down with her to find out what lies behind those piercing eyes.
What sets you apart/makes you, you?
My sense of style and the fact that I grew up in NY.
What's the best thing about RE/DONE jeans?
They fit so well! I always have a hard time finding a good fit when it comes to vintage Levi's. Also that each pair is individual, that's so cool to know that you have a one of a kind piece.
What is your present state of mind?
At the moment I am filled with happiness, my brother and his wife just had a baby! My first time being an aunt.
What is next for you?
Fashion week is coming up so that's what I am focusing on right now. I am also looking to start a band.
What makes a quality woman?
A women that has self-confidence.
Who are your favorite artists? (painters, illustrators, musicians, poets, etc)
Nick Cave, Townes Van Zandt, Die Antwoord, Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Willie Nelson, Richard Serra, Marina Abramović, Erik Satie Who is your hero?
My uncle, he served in the United States Army during 9/11.
What is your favorite place in LA?
I've only been there once for a week, I haven't found my favorite place yet.
What's your favorite way to wear denim?
I like to dress it up. I like to pair denim jeans with a button down shirt. I also like to wear denim with a simple tee shirt.

These images were shot by up-and-coming New York based photographer, Luca Khouri and styled by Emily Mazur. Buy the Straight Skinny one size up to get Alix’s skinny, but not too skinny look.