Photographer Stories: Collin Levin


What is your full name?
Collin Mckenzee Levin
• What is your profession? I’m a photographer.
• Who did you choose as your muse, and how do you know her?
Faith Picozzi. I met her at my buddy David Cortes birthday party.
• Tell us about the concept for your shoot?
Since Re/dun jeans are vintage jeans taken apart and put back together again I thought it would be fun and fitting (pun intended) to go into some thrift stores and let Faith loose to do what she wanted.
• What's the best thing about RE/DUN jeans?
One of the best looking pair of jeans I’ve ever seen on a woman.
• What makes a quality woman?
I’d say confidence and sense of self is really important. Also a good sense of humor is a must.
• What is your most marked characteristic?
I have red curly hair. Also I'm Jewish. • What's your vice?
Pop Music
• Who are your favorite artists? (painters, illustrators, musicians, poets, etc)
Marlon Brando, Neil Young, Spike Jonze, Don McLean, Tony Ray Jones, William Eggleston, Robert Frost, Jean Michel Basquait • Who are 5 people (living or dead) that you'd invite to dinner?
Paul Newman, Steve Mcqueen, Dennis Hopper, Bill Murray, Robert Redford • If you were to book an airplane ticket right now, it'd go to…
I’d probably go to Paris. I’m a romantic, a sucker for French new wave and would love to shoot out there.