Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

When we were preparing the launch of the RE/DONE | Hanes Perfect Tee, we thought there was no better person to launch with than longtime supporter of the brand, Alessandra Ambrosio. A product this iconic deserves an equally iconic face to match. The images were shot at Milk Studios in New York City by Alessio Boni and styled by Emily Mazur.
Alessandra has made a name for herself over the past decade as one of the most highly sought after models in the industry. She is the epitome of a Brazilian bombshell. Whether she is strutting down the runway for Victoria’s Secret or just running out to take her kids to school in the morning, her effortless beauty shines through. We wanted to showcase that natural side of her with these images. After all, a t-shirt is one of the simplest things you could wear - but, finding the perfect tee is everything.
On the day of the shoot, Alessandra arrived with her long-time fiancé, and co-founder of RE/DONE, Jamie Mazur. Their energy on set was infectious. Alessandra exudes that special star quality that has no doubt helped make her into the household name that she is today and Jamie, ever with a smile on his face, never stops cracking jokes. It was truly a family affair topped off with Jamie’s sister, Emily, serving as our stylist.
Coupling RE/DONE | Levi’s with the RE/DONE | Hanes Perfect Tee make up pretty much every cool girl’s dream uniform. It is a match made in American fashion heritage heaven. However, we also wanted to showcase the tees on their own. The simplicity of those shots is effortless and timeless. An instant classic if we do say so ourselves.