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Stella Maxwell

Our friend, David Mushegain, a wandering artist and fashion photographer, shares our desire to show beauty in its simplest form. We thought jeans as special as ours had to be shot on a special girl. David asked his friend, model Stella Maxwell, to help him bring our jeans to life. The friends, who met by accident at Le Progress in the Marias in Paris four years ago, didn't need anything more than Stella, our pair of jeans, and a black wall in New York to share the true beauty of this denim.

About this

Born and raised in Los Angeles, photographer David Mushegain started his career in photography while traveling as a street performer. He has become known for his portraits, often taken of his subjects while on the road.

David's work often appears in French, Russian and Japanese Vogue, i-D and V Magazine. Among other brands, he has shot for Costume National, Iro, H&M and Converse. This is David's first shoot with RE/DONE.