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"I need those jeans."

Said Marie Noorbergen, pointing to a pair of patched, distressed, bleached and ripped jeans. She and her friend Aurelie Pyvka had staged a French invasion at our offices, and now they were refusing to leave without denim.

The fashion creative and art director, who work with the likes of Dior, Jil Sander and Kenzo, were infatuated with a special style of RE/DUN. A style that had been hand crafted at our LA factory, bringing particularly historic vintage jeans back to life with a pattern of artful repairs.

Maybe it was their charming French accents. Maybe it was their sincere schoolgirl crushes on our new style of jeans. But we gave them two pairs. In return, these iconic French creatives promised to style them on an impromptu photoshoot, shot in Marie's Venice home by Aurelie's husband, fashion photographer Arnaud Pyvka.

This is your first look at RE/PAIR RE/DUN, launching with 50 pairs next week.