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China Town

For our second New York story, we took to the streets with our team comprised of model, Anastasia Dezhine, photographer, Alexandra Nataf, and stylist, Emily Mazur. 

The area, as you might have noticed, was Chinatown. Situated on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Chinatown is steeped in history and character.

The rich colors and vibrant street scenes provided the perfect backdrop for our shoot.

The styling of this look pays homage to another New York icon, Annie Hall. The character from Woody Allen’s eponymous 1977 film is played by the incomparable Diane Keaton.

Annie Hall is easily one of the most visually distinct characters of all time, almost entirely because of the way she was dressed.

She has secured her place in our culture as a fashion icon all in the course of one film, inspiring generations of dressers in the process. Now Anastasia is our modern Annie.  


Based in New York, Alexandra Nataf is known for her clean, simple, and modern portraiture. In 2015, Nataf launched Unconditional Magazine, of which she serves as the creative director.