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Have you ever meet someone and just know for some reason that whatever happens, you are going to be friends for the rest of your life? Well, that’s how our photographer, David, felt when he met Erin Wasson.

The two met in NYC; the year was 2002. David was hanging out on the corner of Prince and Broadway, sitting with his skateboard as he did each afternoon, watching the people walk by.

A truly cool girl passed him on the street and he thought to himself, "WHO IS THAT!" After running down the block to catch up with her, he just simply said, “Hey. I really want to hang out with you.” Erin’s response was, “cool,” and the two exchanged numbers. Over a decade later, the two are still great friends.

David on Erin: “Erin is an amazing model and has been a great inspiration for me. We shot my first big editorial for Paris Vogue together and that probably stands out to me as one of my favorite fashion stories I have done. We have gone on to have a lot of adventures and I am sure there will be many more. She is a dear friend to me. Much love for Miss Erin Wasson.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, photographer David Mushegain started his career in photography while traveling as a street performer. He has become known for his portraits, often taken of his subjects while on the road.

David's work often appears in French, Russian and Japanese Vogue, i-D and V Magazine. Among other brands, he has shot for Costume National, Iro, H&M and Converse. David is now Re/Done's resident photographer.