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Summertime Blues

The Relaxed Straight

Slouchy or slim, the Relaxed Straight is our most versatile style. It is a chameleon – a shape-shifter. It leaves its look in your hands. Wear a size down to have a more tapered look or size up for a more classic boyfriend look. But don’t write this style off as just another a boyfriend jean. Its shape, slung low on the hip, is narrowed for an elongated leg shape. Meant to be worn cuffed, this jean is your perfect summer pair to take you from day to night as we banish tight clothing till the temperatures drop.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, photographer David Mushegain started his career in photography while traveling as a street performer. He has become known for his portraits, often taken of his subjects while on the road.

David's work often appears in French, Russian and Japanese Vogue, i-D and V Magazine. Among other brands, he has shot for Costume National, Iro, H&M and Converse. David is now Re/Done's resident photographer.