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Stella Maxwell

Cropped and fitted, this jacket is the jacket you wish you had kept since high school. It’s the jacket you “borrowed” from your friend’s closet and never gave back. We found a very limited supply of men’s vintage denim jackets dating back all the way to the late 80’s on, and recut them into a modern silhouette to create our Girlfriend Jacket.

We took the well-worn jackets apart at the seams, cropping the length of the jacket and the sleeves, and reshaping the shoulders to transform this saggy off-the-shoulder jacket into a tailored little number. If you get your hands on one of these few pieces, make sure to keep it far away from your friends with sticky fingers.

When we shot the jacket, we thought it would be perfect to introduce a new category with a familiar face. We went to one of our favorite girls, who has been a great friend to the brand, Stella Maxwell. With a street in Los Angeles serving as the backdrop for the shoot, Stella and David, our photographer, were able to capture the effortless cool and natural vibe that we loved so much in her last campaign. Stella truly captures the spirit of RE/DONE and brings the denim to life.

David on Stella: “I love shooting Stella because she is such an amazing model… for me a model is incredible when they give you the photo… really you sit back and watch them and its just so inspiring…you just have to push the shutter button and wham you have it…I met Stella four years ago and she has been an inspiration since that day….”